Review of the Semi-Retired MD’s Zero to Freedom Course [2023]

In this post, I review my experience taking the Semi-Retired MD’s real estate investing course, “Zero to Freedom through Cashflowing Rentals.” Updated for the year 2023!

The TLDR: I loved the course and thought it was worth the money. The course is even bigger and better than before! My real estate empire is up to 26 units 28 units!

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Anyone who’s followed my blog over the last year has watched my transition from a traditional index fund stock investor into a real estate investor.  This is the story about how I accelerated my journey and became a true real estate investing pro with the Zero to Freedom investing course.

In the midst of acquiring my first three properties, I decided to sign up for the Semi-Retired MD’s real estate investing course.  After a year of informal education from books, blogs, and podcasts, I became convinced that real estate is the best route to early financial freedom.  Since it yields a significant portion of its return as cash, rental real estate has the ability to bankroll living costs without depleting the underlying asset.  

When I had this realization, I sold all my individual stocks (except for Tesla), and built up a war chest of $100k to fund my real estate investments.  I also decided that I needed some more formal education with a real estate investing course.

As a physician, I’m used to taking education seriously.  In my training to become a physician, I’ve literally spent thousands of hours studying and took on $300,000 of medical school debt.  I decided to approach real estate investing in a similar manner.

What did I want in the course?

When I started to search for a course, I was specifically looking for three things:

  1. Teachers that practice what they preach.
  2. Teachers that understand the mind of a physician
  3. Access to a community of like-minded investors

I was referred to the Semi-Retired MDs’ real estate investing course via a physician finance blog, and as I learned more about it, I felt pretty certain that I’d found a match.

They practice what they preach

As I perused the Semi Retired MD’s blog and their course description, I was impressed at their sizable real estate portfolio.  Over a relatively short period of time, they amassed a portfolio of over 40 units and achieved financial freedom!  One half of this dynamic duo, Kenji Asakura, MD, quit his day job to work full time on their real estate portfolio.  The other half, Letizia Alto, MD, recently retired from medicine to focus full time on Semi-Retired MD.

They now have well over 100 units of rental property!  

They’re physicians

As I learned more about them, I realized that we have a lot in common.  Both Kenji and Leti are physicians.  Because of this, I felt they’d understand the special mix of personality traits that can both help and hurt physicians. Some traits, like ambition, can drive success.  Other common doctor traits, like perfectionism and over-confidence, can be a hindrance to business success. 

Access to the Semi-Retired MD community

As part of the course, they provide access to their course community on social media.  During the course, they use this as one of their primary means of communication.  After the course, you can continue in their investor community, benefitting from the collective wisdom of a thriving group of investors and their network.

So I signed up!

So right around the time I was starting renovations on my duplex, I signed up for their course, called “Zero to Freedom through Cashflowing Rentals.”

Below, read more details about the Semi-Retired MD’s real estate investing course and my review on the content.

How much did it cost?

I thought long and hard before I signed up for the course, because it was expensive.  The price of the course is in the thousands [$3199], which is by far the most I’ve ever spent on an “optional” educational endeavour.  I agonized for quite a long while before deciding to take the plunge.

In the end, two things made me move forward.  First, there was an introductory period where I could change my mind for a full refund.  And second, I realized that if the course was as good as I hoped, it would help me make (or save) hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

What did I get?

In return for my money, I got access to a two month course that delved deeply into the strategies and techniques that Leti and Kenji used to build their real estate portfolio.  Specifically, this included 64 videos divided into 8 weeks of content.  There were weekly live-chats with Leti and Kenji and a lively community chat on social media.  

Here is the general outline of the course:

  • Pre-course contents:  choosing your market and basic deal analysis
  • Week 1:  Mindset and goal setting
  • Week 2:  Core acquisition strategy and the 1% rule
  • Week 3:  Building your “team”
  • Week 4:  Investor agents and deal funnels
  • Week 5:  How to find deals on your own
  • Week 6:  Submitting an offer, inspection, due diligence, financing, and negotiation
  • Bonus week:  Real estate professional status

The modules moved organically from one week to the other. Each week, they demonstrated the strategies with live-analysis of real deals.  

The course is better than ever

The price of the course has risen since I took it to over $3999, but you get so much for your money now!

They’ve added dozens of extra modules, interviews, and investing tips since I took the course.

Here’s a full list of all the extras, quoted directly from the course sign up page:

  • 7 modules with a total of 50+ bite-sized audio/video lessons that cover all the steps for investors to follow to purchase and profitably operate rental real estate. Including key topics like:
    • Choosing a market to invest in
    • How to structure your real estate business
    • Understanding the financials of a deal
    • Mitigating risk
    • Building a team of real estate professionals
    • Contracts and negotiation
  • Worksheets, printables, and interactive calculators to supplement the audio/video lessons and help support student learning.
  • 7 live Q&A sessions with Leti and Kenji where students will be able to get their questions answered in real time.
  • 30+ sessions of open office hours with a variety of experienced, expert ZtF coaches.
  • A Facebook community during the live component of the course: students will have 24/7 on tap support inside the Facebook community for 8 weeks. They’ll be able to ask questions, provide feedback and support to their cohort, and interact with Leti, Kenji, and the real estate coaches. The Facebook group will open August 20 and be archived at the end of day October 20, 2023.
  • Lifetime access to audio/video training modules and related course materials.
  • Access to all future course upgrades and additions.
  • Lifetime access to our investor agent network spanning over 2,500 markets.
  • Lifetime access to our real estate vendor network.
  • Zero to Freedom Bonuses with enrollment:
    • Live support: 2 free months of Empire Builders, our private membership-only community of investors
    • Additional bonus: Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing Bonus Module
    • Additional course: Physician Mindset & Wellbeing Course
    • Additional bonus: Backstage Pass to Leti & Kenji’s Real Estate Portfolio

Important: Course guarantee

Kenji and Leti actually include a money back guarantee. Check it out:

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

“If you purchased our Zero to Freedom Through Cashflowing Rentals course (the “Course”), you are eligible for a full refund of your payment for the Course if you provide written notice at [email protected] until Tuesday, September 12, 2023.”

To put this in simpler terms, the last official date to request and receive a full refund for Zero to Freedom will be September 12, 2023.

By the end of the course you should:

  • Know the difference between a good investment property and a bad one—so you can make sound investment decisions.
  • Understand how to check and verify the numbers so you can account for market rents, property management costs, vacancy rates, rehab costs, and more—so you can accurately pre-determine your cashflow and decide if you want to move forward with a purchase.
  • Have the right team in place—so they can help ensure your properties are making money for you.
  • Get access to investor agents who will bring you good on- and off-market deals—so you don’t always have to search for them yourself.
  • Be able to implement key tax strategies—so you can reap great savings and in some cases, pay zero in income taxes.
  • Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence you need to know what in the heck you’re doing

Was it worth it?

It was absolutely worth it.  I gained a much deeper understanding of how to quickly and efficiently analyze deals.  I feel much more confident at accurately accounting for all of the costs of acquiring, renovating, and maintaining a rental.  

But to be honest, I’d say the biggest benefit I got was a complete revamp of my investor mindset.  Their course helped me identify the driving forces behind my investing:  family, friends, and freedom.  Also, they opened my mind to the tantalizing possibility of financial freedom in a much faster timeline than I ever imagined. 

Readers may know that I previously had a 15 year plan to financial independence.  After going through the Semi-Retired MD’s course, I now plan to be financially independent within the next 5-10 years.  

Now just over 3 years as a real estate investor, I already have enough cash flow to change my life. I’ve already altered my winter schedule to a normal work week so I can see more of my family and pursue my side businesses. 

I also found my tribe

Even within the world of people seeking FIRE (financial independence, retire early), real estate investors are a special breed. I’ve quickly learned that my friends will lose interest if I start talking about retirement funds and the 4% rule.

If I talk about how real estate investing can be a better investment over the long run than stocks, they start looking concerned about my sanity.

So I was overjoyed to find a group of motivated, like-minded professionals with whom I can discuss real estate investing. I post on the Semi-Retired MD’s investor group chat almost every day. I also try to join their video live chats whenever I can.

Finally, I feel like I’ve found my tribe.

What’s the verdict? 

If you come from a position of financial strength and want to add real estate to your investment portfolio, this course is for you.  

I think it’s especially suited to high income professionals, because there are recurring themes in the modules that relate well to this position.  For example, there’s a lot of emphasis on efficient tax planning and asset protection. 

After completing this course, I’m a confident real estate investor.  My path to financial freedom has accelerated, and I feel my future is brighter than ever.

Enjoy the review of the Semi-Retired MD’s Zero to Freedom course? Please use my link to sign up for the course, and get a free financial and life strategy session with me! (Please email me after you sign up!)

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(Link will become active on August 20)

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Want to support the blog?

Perhaps you’re more of a Facebook type?

Are you a physician, spouse, or professional and you’re interested in using Real Estate to gain financial freedom? Join us in our Facebook group and accelerate your journey!

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2 years ago

Great article Daniel! As a fellow ZTF student I agree, it gave us the confidence and support to do more than we previously thought possible!

Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah
2 years ago

Hi, I recently discovered your blog. I’ve been practicing medicine for roughly 10 years and have been all-in on equities through that time to build my retirement portfolio and then some. I’ve been back and forth on investing in direct real estate but I’ve shied away from it because it looks like a second job and I’ve got enough going on and have had good enough returns on equities that I never pursued it seriously. What are your thoughts on the amount of time and effort it takes?

Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah
2 years ago

I’m happy with my returns but who doesn’t want to do better or achieve FI earlier? I’d love to be in a work-optional position in the next 7-10 years. I do like and agree with your idea that total net worth is less meaningful than regular, reliable cash flow when viewing the specific goal of early retirement. I guess my hesitation with real estate stemmed from the degree of active involvement required. I’m going to keep an open mind though.
What are your thoughts on real estate funds? These seem like a more passive way to get into real estate. Any reason you’ve chosen direct real estate rather than simply throwing money in a fund?

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