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My new eBook: How to Control Your Financial Destiny

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My eBook will give you the tools to get started on the path to financial freedom. Learn about my financial journey and the shockingly simple math behind financial independence. Then find out how to define your Why to fuel your success!

About me

My name is Daniel Shin. I’m a board certified surgeon, real estate investor, and educator. I help to accelerate your journey to financial independence.

I come from a background of financial scarcity and insecurity. After 15 years of higher education and training, I ended up $300,000 in debt, burnt out, and handcuffed to my job.

I took control of my financial destiny and mapped out a path to financial independence. Now my family has a growing portfolio of investments of stocks, index funds, and real estate. We’re on a fast track to financial independence within the next 5-10 years.

Let’s achieve financial freedom together. Won’t you join me?

The Darwinian Doctor, Daniel Shin

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