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by The Darwinian Doctor

This blog is my passion project, and one day I hope it will be a source of great entertainment and education for millions of like minded people.

Until then, I do hope that the blog will in some way at least cover the modest costs associated with running a blog.  

How am I monetizing the blog currently?

For now, the only way I’ve chosen to monetize this blog is with affiliate links, which are links to products or services that I recommend.  I only link to products that I’ve actually purchased, used, and recommend to others. I will never recommend something for the sake of making money, because who needs that bad karma?  I certainly don’t!

While this will may change in the future as this blog grows, for now the only affiliate programs I’ve tapped are the Amazon Associate program and First Republic Bank.

When you click on the Amazon product links and then go on to purchase something, the blog will earn a small commission.  When you use my First Republic Bank link to consolidate your student loans, same deal.

How does this affect you?

There should be no monetary effect, positive or negative, if you use the affiliate links on this site.  The benefit to you is that you can rest assured that I have already put in the research and time to trial the product or service, so you don’t have to!

If this makes you uncomfortable in any way, please don’t feel like you have to use the affiliate links.  I really don’t mind.

— The Darwinian Doctor

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A Darwinian Disclaimer

Since everyone is different, it may not be appropriate to generalize my doctorly advice to your own situation. Please run all medical, life, and financial advice by your own physician or financial professionals before applying it to your own life! Consider all information for your entertainment only!

Images and Copyright

To the best of my knowledge, the images used in this blog are either taken by my own camera, free stock photos, or considered allowable usage under "Fair Use" law. Please let me know if you believe otherwise.

Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy
As you explore the site, you may notice links to goods or services. I may earn a commision if you use a link to purchase any of these. While this blog is really just a labor of love and a creative outlet, if I can "keep the lights on" with affiliate links, all the better. Rest assured any reviews you read here represent my unbiased opinions, and there is no added cost to you to utilize the links. Please go here to read my full Affiliate policy.

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