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I have a long commute to work and listen to tons of podcasts during my drive.  I love podcasts. I learn so much and feel like I’m using the time productively.  Most of them are still viable at 1.5x speed, so I feel like I’m being even more efficient!  

These are the podcasts that are currently on my iPhone, taking up crazy amounts of memory.

Afford Anything

Paula Pant is a financial independence powerhouse.  The podcast has gone through a couple of changes over the years, and the current iteration is just gold.  She’s a fantastic interviewer, has top notch guests, and has a wealth of “been there, done that” experience.  She’s gone from a real estate centric FIRE maven to a generalist and FI lifestyle leader. She answers a ton of listener questions, and I’ve learned a lot about real estate, mindset, and general finance from both her blog and her podcasts.  

Bigger Cash flow

Bo Kim is an accountant by day and real estate investor by night. Despite a full time job, he’s purchased 20 units of investment real estate and built both a blog and podcast (all in a couple of years). He’s truly remarkable in his drive and progress.

Along with his co-host, Joe Kim, M.D., Bo runs a weekly podcast with excellent interviews packed full of actionable tips on getting started in real estate investing. The topics discussed are at a perfect level for beginner investors and also have high impact tips for intermediate to experienced investors. Just watch out for the bass in the intro music — it’s very loud.

Disclosure: Bo and I are personal friends. We have no financial relationship.


  • Category: Financial independence
  • Tagline: “The FIRE is spreading”
  • Favorite episode:  #21: The Pillars of FI

Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonza are a podcasting duo that are spreading the philosophy of financial independence across the world.  They have excellent content, amazing guests, and very long episodes. They have a large and widespread community and over 20,000 people on their email list.  I will often pick and choose through their content for the topics that interest me, and there’s so much good stuff that you can’t go wrong.

If you want to know what the FIRE movement is all about, this is ground zero.  

Get Rich Education

If you can get beyond the title and the odd intonation of the podcaster, Keith Weinhold, there is some seriously good content here for hopeful real estate investors.  He focuses on buy and hold residential real estate as his strategy, and this podcast is strongly focused on this topic. Don’t come here for advice about stock market investing, because Keith is not your man for this.  

But for the basics on the value of real estate investing and how to approach, analyze, and purchase rental residential real estate, this is a great resource.  He interviews top names in the real estate investing world, from Robert Kiyosaki to Ken McElroy.

His site is a portal to his blog, podcast, and also providers of turnkey rental real estate.  If you eventually purchase real estate using his resources, he gets a referral fee, theoretically at no cost to the buyer.

I’ve learned a lot from this podcast.  Just don’t get brainwashed into neglecting your retirement funds and equity portfolio.  

The White Coat Investor

  • Category: Personal finance and investing
  • Tagline:  “Helping Those Who Wear the White Coat Get a “Fair Shake” on Wall Street”
  • Favorite episode:  #55:  The Basics of Investing

An ER physician by trade, Dr. Jim Dahle is the undisputed godfather of the physician finance blogger movement.  His blog is targeted towards high income professionals and started long before the podcast. But the podcast is great too.  With a no-nonsense tone, he preaches the way to achieve financial success:

  • “Live like a resident” for a few years after residency
  • Live under your means
  • Save 20% of your gross income towards retirement

I had the honor of guest posting on his blog in May of 2019, and it spiked my traffic so hard that it ruined the scale of my Google Analytics to this day.  

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