Along your financial journey, you’ll learn about leverage. This concept doesn’t just apply to mortgages. You can also leverage the wisdom and skills of others to your advantage. Below, you’ll find resources and services that I recommend to accelerate your journey to financial freedom.

Some of these resources might be partners of this site, which means I may get an affiliate fee if you use their services. But rest assured, it’s at no cost to you.

I’ve used the majority of these services myself. In many cases, I’ve written a blog post about my experience. If that’s the case, the link will take you to that review so you can read about my experience before deciding.

This page may contain affiliate links.

Book Recommendations

Physician Coaching Services

Real Estate Investing Courses

Real Estate: Cost Segregation

Legal and Logistics

Lending / Financing

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Podcast Recommendations


  • Vanguard (recommended for long term index fund investments)
  • Webull (for active trading of stocks and crypto via a mobile interface)

Student Loan Refinancing

  • Credible (the lowest student loan refinancing rates I’ve found)

Credible | refinance your student loans

Credible is an online marketplace that provides borrowers with competitive, personalized loan offers from multiple, vetted lenders in real time. When I wanted to refinance my student loans, it found me the best rates available.

Webull | get free stocks

Webull is a free trading platform that allows you to make commission free purchases and trades of stocks, ETFs, index funds, and even cryptocurrency. It supports fractional investing, which makes it accessible for any level of investor. They have a great deal where they will gift you up to 6 free stocks when you sign up and deposit even just 1 cent! You can even buy my most recommended funds and ETFs there, like VTI.

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