Geographic Arbitrage and Burnout | PPhREI Network Roundup | 6-11-22

This PPhREI Network roundup includes posts on burnout, geographic arbitrage, and why you need to invest when the market is down. Enjoy!

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Carpe Diem MD

Ian writes in this post about burnout as a blogger, physician, and dad. This classic post strikes home for me, as I admitted recently in this Instagram post that burnout is a close friend of mine. It’s a potent reminder that side gigs like blogging and real estate investing carry real costs in terms of energy (and sometimes mental health).

Read the post on the Carpe Diem MD blog: The Wind is Howling and I’m Burnt Out

The Darwinian Doctor

This past week, I created a post in reaction to a troubling trend I’ve seen in both colleagues and social media. People seem to sell their stocks when the market drops, and stop investing altogether. This evidence filled post will tell you why this is horrible for your long term wealth building, and why you should continue to invest even when the market is dropping.

Read the post on the Darwinian Doctor blog: Why You Need to Invest When the Market Is Down

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

In this article, Jordan Frey discusses geographic arbitrage, which means accelerating your wealth building by intentionally moving or living somewhere with a lower cost of living. As a Californian, I’ve wistfully looked at tax-free states like Washington and Texas, dreaming of how I’d invest that extra 10% of taxes every year.

But Jordan rightly points out that you don’t even have to move states to take advantage of this technique. He moved from NYC to Buffalo and has been able to save up to 50% of his paycheck every month!

Read the post on the Prudent Plastic Surgeon blog for more details: Geographic Arbitrage Will Accelerate Your Wealth Building. Is It Worth It?

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