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PPhREI Network Roundup | Analysis Paralysis | 4-2-2022

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Today in the PPhREI Network, let’s discuss if 2022 is still “the year of the short term rental,” how to break through analysis paralysis, and why it seems all doctors are quitting medicine.

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Carpe Diem MD

This is a throwback post to earlier in the year, when Ian Cook declared that “2022 is the Year of Short Term Rental.” A lot has happened since January. We have war in Ukraine and the worst inflation in decades in the United States. But the reasons Ian cites I think are still true: short term rental is taking off and 2022 is the last year of 100% bonus depreciation.

I’m still planning on short term rental investment as my primary mode of investment for early 2022. Read about my entrance into the Broken Bow market here.

Read the full post on Carpe Diem MD for more: 2022 is the year of the Short-Term Rental

The Darwinian Doctor

This past week, I wrote about how it seems recently that many doctors are leaving medicine for other careers. I researched this using studies and evidence to see if this is a real phenomenon or just a figment of social media’s alternate reality field. Unfortunately for medicine, it does seem like a real phenomenon. What is the evidence and what are the implications for medicine?

Read my post on the Darwinian Doctor blog here: Why It Seems Like All Doctors Are Quitting Medicine

Prudent Plastic Surgeon

In this post, Jordan Frey writes about an important topic: analysis paralysis. His insightful analysis explains how this phenomenon applies to more than just investment decisions. It affects everything from your choice of dinner to the decision to have kids. He gives us some helpful tips on breaking through the log jam and moving forwards.

Read the original post on The Prudent Plastic Surgeon: How to Win the Fight Against Analysis Paralysis

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