Is Self Management Worth It? | PPhREI Network Roundup | 5-7-2022

In this Mother’s Day PPhREI Network roundup, we find out if self-management of real estate is worth the effort, how to transform your home from a liability to an asset, and how to rent out your rental within 24 hours of closing!

Is Self Management Worth It? | PPhREI Network Roundup | 5-7-2022

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Carpe Diem MD

In this post, Ian Cook asks the question: Is Self-Managing Worth the Time and Effort? He addresses this question in regards to his specialty: short term real estate.

I’ve been pondering this as I weigh my remarkable 2021 tax return versus the time it’s taken to get two short term rentals up and running. Given the amazing tax savings alone, I think I’ll agree with Ian that it’s definitely worth it, but you be the judge.

Read the post on Carpe Diem MD: Is Self-Managing Worth the Time and Effort?

The Darwinian Doctor

On my blog this week, I asked another provocative question: Is your home a liability or an asset? In answering this question, I gave my readers a little dose of Robert Kiyosaki. Using his reasoning, I looked critically at primary homes via his cash flow focused view of the world.

After establishing that most primary homes are liabilities, I offered some suggestions on how to transform your home from a cash vacuum to an asset that puts money in your pocket every month! I’ve used these strategies myself with great success.

Read the post on the Darwinian Doctor blog: How to Transform Your Home From a Liability into an Asset

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

Finally, Jordan Frey shares an analysis of his fourth investment property purchase, where he expects over 20% cash on cash return! It’s a duplex in Buffalo, where Jordan has been just killing it. I like in this analysis how he narrates the purchase and negotiation process. He also shows how his cash on cash return projections changed as he took new information into account.

Read the analysis on The Prudent Plastic Surgeon blog: Insider Look: Deal Analysis of Investment Property #4

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