The Launch of the Generation FIRE Video Podcast

In this post, I discuss the launch of Generation FIRE, a new video podcast about financial and life empowerment.

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This is a special note about the birth of a new way to enjoy content from the world of the Darwinian Doctor. I’m starting a video podcast called “Generation FIRE.” In this blog post, I’ll review the plans for this new venture.

Who am I?

As the Darwinian Doctor platform has grown organically via the written and video contact, I’ve encountered some followers/readers who don’t know the basics of who I am and why I started this blog in 2018.

So here’s a quick re-introduction.

I’m Daniel Shin, MD. I’m a urologic surgeon by training. Around seven years ago, I was a full-time physician based in sunny Southern California. I was skilled and well-liked by my patients and colleagues alike. But beneath the surface, I was grappling with burnout, disillusionment, and a feeling of being financially trapped in my job.

With a grueling 60-hour workweek and an additional 10 hours spent commuting every week, I yearned for change but felt clueless about the path forward. The financial demands of my lifestyle meant that quitting wasn’t an option.

The Turning Point

Desperate to occupy my mind during my commute, I turned to podcasts. After sifting through various genres, I stumbled upon the financial independence community. Their blend of unwavering optimism backed by meticulous data and spreadsheets resonated deeply with me. I seized upon the goal of financial independence as a new way to focus my energy. I started this blog to record my progress towards this goal.

Over time, armed with knowledge and insights from countless hours of reading, listening, and writing, I began to make intentional shifts in my life and financial strategies.


As of 2023, I’ve moved from California to Tennessee. I’ve transitioned to working part-time as a surgeon and have embraced the role of a full-time real estate investor. I’m on an accelerated path to financial independence, and my life has transformed in so many ways.

Why am I starting “Generation FIRE”?

Although I love the medium of the written blog post, at times I’ve yearned for a way to connect with my community in a deeper manner. I think that this video podcast might serve as a better medium to tackle some topics in more depth.

The essence of “Generation FIRE” is threefold:

  1. Financial Independence is Achievable: Regardless of where you’re starting from, financial freedom is within reach.
  2. A Holistic Transformation: The journey to financial independence isn’t just about money. It’s about reshaping your entire life, aligning it with your true values and aspirations.
  3. Live with Intention: A purpose-driven life, filled with intentionality, is waiting for you. All you need to do is take the leap.

Join Me on This Adventure

Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with me. As we kick off “Generation FIRE,” I invite you to subscribe to The Darwinian Doctor Youtube Channel. Youtube will the the home for all of the episodes of Generation FIRE for the time being. After I reach a critical mass of episodes, I’ll convert episodes to a formal podcast format as well.

In the next episode of Generation FIRE, I’ll delve deeper into my personal backstory, offering a glimpse into the experiences that shaped my perspective.

Here’s to a future filled with purpose, intention, and financial freedom!

— The Darwinian Doctor

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Matt Balderston
Matt Balderston
1 month ago

Glad you’ll eventually convert to formal/conventional podcast format, I find that even in podcasts converted from video or powerpoint format you can still understand most of the information presented, and it’s a better ‘on the go’ format (though you could still listen audio only via the youtube platform).

1 month ago

I’m excited for more! Kudos on making the leap to YouTube.

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