Update on Cereus Real Estate

by The Darwinian Doctor

In this post, get the update on Cereus Real Estate, which was created by physicians to help professionals gain financial freedom via passive investments into multifamily real estate.

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About a year ago, I met up with Jordan Frey at a real estate conference in California.  At this point, we’d been collaborating as fellow physician bloggers in the PPhREI network for a few years and knew each other well. 

Like me, Dr. Frey is an active real estate investor. We’ve both purchased real estate and used the BRRRR method to grow these portfolios.  His blog records this as well as his observations about personal finance and is well worth a read. 

At the conference, I confessed a realization to him:  95% of my blog’s readers are probably never going to purchase real estate on their own, despite the understanding that it offers the potential of a faster path to financial freedom than traditional stocks.  There are many reasons for this, from lack of capital to lack of bandwidth due to competing responsibilities.

I proposed that we start a real estate investment company to provide our readers with an option to invest passively into real estate without the need to create their own team and manage the renovation and tenants. 

Thus, Cereus Real Estate was born!

Cereus Real Estate is an investment company that offers passive investments into multifamily real estate deals. Our goal is to accelerate our your path to financial freedom, giving you more control over your personal and professional life. 

It’s now been just about 5 months since we officially launched Cereus Real Estate, and a lot has changed.  Here’s the update!

We have investors!

There’s been great interest in Cereus Real Estate since launch, and we now have hundreds of investors in our investor club.  Our max potential capital is north of $15 million if all of our investors invested at once into a deal (though this is certainly unlikely to happen).  That’s a lot of buying power!

We continue to grow steadily through word of mouth and I expect this to accelerate as we successfully invest in deals and gain momentum. 

Dr. Frey’s taking a step back

It turns out that even doctors have limits.  I have the gift of time now since I’ve switched over my practice from a full-time employed model to a part time locum tenens practice.  Once a month, I travel from Memphis to Ohio for a week to cover call and the inpatient consult service for a regional hospital system. 

That leaves me with A LOT of time to devote to the study and practice of apartment investing.  It’s allowed me to invest in my expertise by joining an intensive real estate mentorship for the last year, as well as take care of the large amount of background labor involved in starting a business.

Jordan, on the other hand, is happily working full time as a plastic surgeon who specializes in microsurgery and reconstruction.  He also runs the highly popular Prudent Plastic Surgeon blog, which is a full time job by itself, judging by the amount of content that he pumps out on a daily basis.

We had a heart to heart talk a few weeks ago, and he decided to step back from Cereus Real Estate for the time being.  I hope it’s not forever, but it’s for right now.  I miss my business partner, but I certainly understand his situation.

So for the time being, I’m heading up Cereus Real Estate by myself.  Ideally, I’d love to find a partner or two who have expertise in deal underwriting, both to help with deal analysis and as a thought partner to help grow Cereus Real Estate even faster.  Is this you?  Contact me!

SEC rules are funny

Cereus Real Estate launched in January of 2024, and I set a goal to have a real estate opportunity for investors by the end of the first quarter of this year. I’m happy to say that I achieved that goal! 

However, some deals are specifically restricted from public advertising due to the SEC rules around 506(b) versus 506(c) syndications.  So I can’t say much more about this, other than to state that we are hitting the timelines that I set out for the company. 

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You can join the investor club!

If you’re a high income professional interested in high quality passive real estate investments, I invite you to join the investor club for Cereus Real Estate. (Click the icon below.) It’s an easy way to start educating yourself on these types of opportunities. 

I aim to have 2-3 opportunities a year for investment for the next 30 or 40 years, so consider this a long term relationship.  Starting next month, I also will be scheduling regular educational calls to slowly teach all of our investors about particular aspects of apartment investing. 

When you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call with me to talk about your investment and life goals.  I love these calls so don’t be shy!

Experience the financial benefits of real estate without dealing with the headache!


In conclusion, I’m incredibly excited about the potential for Cereus Real Estate.  I believe that Cereus will eventually help thousands of physicians and professionals reach financial freedom and take control of their lives. 

Daniel Shin, MD

The Darwinian Doctor

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