The Darwinian Doctor Blog update | June 2019

It’s been an exciting couple of months for the Darwinian Doctor blog!

TDD on The White Coat Investor

The month of May started off with a bang, when this blog was featured on the White Coat Investor site.  The site’s owner, Jim Dahle, MD, is considered by many to be the originator of the physician finance blogger movement.

For the guest post, I wrote about building an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in our backyard to solve the issue of housing for my retired parents.  

It was quite an honor to be selected for a guest post. This post led to an incredible spike in visitors to the blog.  Sadly, this effect lasted just a few days before things reverted back to normal.

TDD on the Physician on Fire

This past weekend, another post of mine was featured on Physician on FIRE (PoF)’s Sunday Best roundup of interesting posts.  PoF is a financially independent anesthesiologist who chronicles his FIRE lifestyle and enjoys a pretty massive following.

I had another huge spike in traffic, but the effect was again brief.

New visitors to blog

Nevertheless, it feels like there is some nice momentum for the site.  The email subscription list is growing and the social media outreach is going well.

Thank you, dear readers, for the part you are playing in this!

New resource:  Recommendations

In other news, on Friday I launched my “Recommendations” page.

I run across a lot of great resources in my evolution to a financially independent creature.  I created the page to share some of my favorite podcasts and books. I’ll add to the page as I review more books and products.  

I’ll probably add real estate resources to this site as I fall further down that rabbit hole.  

On the topic of real estate…

I closed on the rental house!

Last week officially marked the beginning of my rental real estate empire.  I closed on the purchase of my first rental house.

I’m waiting to see how much we’re going to charge for rent.   Once that’s done, I should have all the information I need to present all my calculations on its expected performance as an investment.

It’s often said that the first real estate investment is the worst performer. Is this going to follow that pattern? We will see.

It’s going to be super interesting to see how it performs over the years.

(Disclaimer:  interesting to finance nerds like me).


That’s it for this update on the blog!  

Stay tuned for a deep dive into the concept of cash flow.


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4 years ago

Congrats on the two big features. Traffic spikes are awesome but yeah it makes you want more after it dies down. It’s similar to the hedonic treadmill. You first say I would be happy if x people visit. Then when that happens you crave more

And awesome you are about to start your real estate empire

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