Winter blog update 2020: 151k pageviews!

Today, an update on the growth of the blog over the last couple of months and some exciting news for 2021.  We passed 150,000 pageviews!

Winter blog update 2020:  151k pageviews.

I’ve been writing on this blog for about 2.5 years now.  It began as a concept on the coast of Long Island, New York, while visiting family.  I was burnt out and had about $300,000 in student debt. I lacked direction both financially and professionally.  It felt like I was just on the brink of a full blown mid-life crisis.

During one long morning commute, I got tired of car exercises and started listening to doctor podcasts. I stumbled upon the financial independence community and decided I would start on a journey of intentional evolution towards new and exciting goals. I drew up a sketch for my mascot, came up with a blog name, and it was off to the races!  

Original logo sketch for The Darwinian Doctor blog.
The actual original sketch of my logo

Blog Pageviews

Since the blog’s inception, it’s been a slow and steady climb. It’s hard to be an anonymous blogger. Without the strength of your personal network, literally no one reads the blog in the beginning.

After 6 months of blogging, I had 851 pageviews. After 12 months I hit 10,000 pageviews and felt pretty proud of myself.

Things started to pick up after that, and some high profile highlights from fellow bloggers added to the momentum.

Many thanks to the Physician on Fire, the White Coat Investor, Xrayvsn, Personal Finance Blogs, Semi-Retired MD, and Doximity for sharing my content.

It was just a few months ago that the blog hit 100k pageviews, and about two months later we’ve surpassed 150,000 pageviews!

Blog pageviews over time for The Darwinian Doctor.
Not quite an exponential curve, but I’ll take it.
Blog pageviews as of December 2020

Geographic reach

My blog has now reached almost the entire world.  Worldometer says that there are 195 countries in the world, and so far my blog has reached 175 of them.  Only 20 more to go for complete world domination!

Map of the geographic reach of the Darwinian Doctor blog.

Top articles

When I see the top 10 most popular posts on my blog, it seems like my most popular themes are the topics of golden handcuffs, morbidly obese financial independence, wealth, changing career paths, and real estate investing.

Top 10 posts on The Darwinian Doctor blog.

I’m at a crossroads

So again I find myself at a crossroads. Just a couple of months ago, overwhelmed by new administrative duties at work, I decided to keep the blog as a sideshow. It was to simply be a casual chronicle of my path to financial independence. I didn’t care about extending the reach of the blog.

But then a funny thing happened.

The blog continued to amass pageviews, faster than I ever imagined. I enjoyed seeing other people reading my writing. Comments appeared on my posts and I loved responding to them. I saw other new, impressive blogs coming onto the scene and found myself feeling envious of their success. I even came up with a somewhat liveable writing schedule.

So what now?

Well, I’ve come to some decisions. I’m going to spend the rest of December laying groundwork and pondering my place in the world, but I can guarantee it’s going to be an exciting January.

Who doesn’t love a good cliffhanger?


What interesting decisions have you made recently? Comment below and subscribe to see what’s next!

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2 years ago

Congratulations on hitting a big milestone. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort and it is nice to see it pay off.

As a fellow anonymous blogger you are preaching to the choir about trying to market something anonymously.

Keep it up and have a great holiday.

Dr. McFrugal
2 years ago

Congratulations on the milestone, TDD!!!

Like you, I’m for the most part anonymous.

For me, blogging is a fun, creative outlet / passion project. I’m not really trying to make money blogging because I already make more than enough as a physician. I’m just happy to deliver value and help others in a different way outside of medicine :).

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