How to Control Your Financial Destiny [My First eBook]

by The Darwinian Doctor

This post is about the creative process behind my new eBook: “How to Control Your Financial Destiny.”

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It’s been about a year since I publicly unveiled my identity as the Darwinian Doctor.  And what a year it’s been!  The growth of the blog confirms what I suspected last year:  readers crave a face and a story behind the words.  

As the year progressed, my vision for the blog became clear:  I want to accelerate your journey to financial freedom.  But when I try to encapsulate my story and my message into a blog post, the blog framework starts to fail me.  

The limitations of a blog post

Books bring value in a way that blogs cannot. 

Your average blog post will generally cap out after 500-1000 words because people will stop reading the post.  On the internet, (and increasingly in life,) attention spans are short. 

With a book, there’s an instinctive urge to get to the end.  This allows books to transmit ideas in a more comprehensive manner.  

So early this year I decided to write an ebook that describes my story, my journey, and my message in one nice illustrated package.  

It was around the same time that my fellow PPhREI Network members and I were putting together our first virtual real estate investing conference

Things were quite busy, but I had a goal of getting the book self-published in 60 days or less.

I did it!

I spent a good part of my winter holiday vacation going through drafts and concepts, and by the end of winter break, I had a finished manuscript.  In about 2000 words, I describe my story and give readers a framework to get on the path to financial freedom. 

From manuscript to eBook

Next, I found an illustrator and an editor via Fiverr and hired them to turn the words into an actual eBook.  After a few dozen messages and edits, I had the finished product a couple of weeks later!  

As a first stab at self-publication, I’m really happy with the it.

The message

In this eBook, I describe my journey from financial scarcity and debt to now being about halfway to financial freedom.  I then provide an introduction to the math and mindset behind FIRE, and the secret ingredient: a strong Why.  

I’ve written about all of these topics extensively and frequently on this blog, but it’s never been so nicely packaged before.

An excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the eBook:

“Just a few years into my career as a board certified surgeon, something didn’t feel right. I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first.  Outwardly I had everything I’d always wanted:  a well paying job, prestige, and the opportunity to help people.

But I was barely holding it together.  I was working 60 hours a week and commuting another 10 hours every week.  I felt like I was always on the brink of burnout and I dreaded Monday morning.”

How to Control Your Financial Destiny by Daniel Shin, MD

Get your hands on it

As I said above, if you’ve read my blog from the beginning, you know most of what is in this eBook.  But if you want a nicely packaged reading experience that tells my story and will help get you on the path to financial freedom, you can buy this eBook.

I’ve got it in my online Stan* store, and you can access it below. It has a number of interesting resources, like links to an investment analyzer, coaching, and the PPhREI network mastermind.

*“Stan” is a relatively new word that loosely means “superfan.” I had to look it up myself. I am old.

Access my Stan Store here!


I hope this eBook will be the first of many.   While I love writing blog posts, I really enjoyed the creative process behind the eBook.

For those of you who choose to purchase it, thanks. I hope you enjoy it!

–The Darwinian Doctor

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