Physician Finances | PPhREI Network Roundup | 3-3-2023

In this PPhREI roundup, we’ve got a student loan payoff debate, creative financing options for real estate, and a look into the marathon of physician finances.

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Carpe Diem MD

In this post, Dr. Ian Cook gives us an inside look into his student loan situation. Between Ian and his wife, they had $600,000 of student debt from medical school! But Ian writes that he sees this as an investment, and therefore approaches the payback of the debt in a logical manner.

Since they were able to refinance their loans to an interest rate of < 4%, Ian and his wife decided to invest in short term rentals instead. I’m a big fan of this technique, and this was the same choice I made for my own student debt. Now it’s getting eroded away by inflation and I was able to focus on investment as well. A risky bet, but one that paid off.

Now, would I make the same choice with interest rates now well above the 4% mark? Very debatable.

Read the original article on the Carpe Diem MD blog: Let your student debt ride….

The Darwinian Doctor

On the blog, I wrote about a number of creative financing options for real estate investment. You may have heard of a few of these, but I’ll be really impressed if you knew about all of them. I’ve used four of these nine options.

My favorite creative financing option has been the HELOC, but this is turning into quite a painful option as my formerly low interest debt has ridden its variable rate all the way up to 8.5%.

Read all about the options on the Darwinian Doctor blog: 9 Creative Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investment

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

In this post, Dr. Jordan Frey also writes about physician finances. He equates it to a race, but is it a sprint or a marathon? Jordan is more in favor of the marathon metaphor, due the long timeframe inherent in medical training.

Jordan also points out the while it’s important to have goals, he feels it’s “the race that matters.” I see this as a great reminder. I often get caught up in artificial goals myself and forget to enjoy the day to day. I’m trying to be more mindful of this in my new life since moving away from the big city.

Read Jordan’s original post on the Prudent Plastic Surgeon blog: Physician Finances: the Race vs. the Finish Line

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