PhREI Network Roundup | 10-8-2021

by The Darwinian Doctor

This PhREI Network roundup covers investing challenges, new beginnings, and helpful steps to take as a resident to make you $1 million!

PhREI Network Roundup 10-8-2021.

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Carpe Diem MD

In this heartfelt post, Ian Cook talks about some of the challenges he faced this week in setting up his newest short term rental in Oakhurst, California. There’s nothing like plumbing issues to ruin your day, and his family got an extra dose of water-related mishaps recently. Dishwasher leaks and water heater failures almost ruined their investor mindset, but a timely reminder from Lauren Cook about their “Why” was able to right their ship.

Read the post on Carpe Diem MD: This weekend I lost my “why” and that is OK.

The Darwinian Doctor

This week on the blog, I shared a new look and a new mission for my blog. You’re looking at the new look (I hope you like it), and here’s the new mission: Helping to accelerate your journey to financial independence. 

When I consider the reason why I invest, it all comes back to buying back freedom and control over my life. This is only possible through financial independence. This is really the message around which I want to center this blog.

Read about how I came to this conclusion here: A New Mission and New Look for The Darwinian Doctor

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

In this very useful post, Jordan Frey outlines 11 ways that residents can optimize their finances. These 11 changes can add up to serious dough down the road. In fact, Jordan calculates that they can save residents over $1 million!

One the steps (paying down student loans during residency) really hits home for me. If I had even a little extra money every month towards paying down some of my loans, I’d owe much less money right now. Though I might also have less capital too… the age old debate resurfaces.

Read about these helpful steps on the Prudent Plastic Surgeon blog here: 11 Finance Steps for a Resident That Will Make You Over $1 Million

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