The Best Time to Buy Real Estate | PPhREI Network Roundup | 1-6-2023

In this PPhREI network roundup, we learn about financing short term rentals, the best time to buy real estate, and the top ways for doctors to invest.

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Carpe Diem MD

In this post, Ian Cook goes over financing options for your short term rentals. He goes over the ever popular “second home” mortgage, which allows you to put down only 10% for your vacation home. There are some other options as well, and as you know, the more choices you have the better!

Read the original post on the Carpe Diem MD blog: Financing Your Short-Term Rental (Airbnb/VRBO)

The Darwinian Doctor

In this post, I wrote up a comprehensive post to determine when it’s the best time to buy real estate. While in the end you have to answer this question for yourself, this post will give you some tools to figure this out. You’ll learn the following points:

  • How to know if it’s a seller or buyer’s market
  • How to determine the state of your “local market”
  • How interest rates control the economy
  • How the time of year affects real estate
  • How your particular life factors affect your decision

Read the original post on the Darwinian Doctor blog: Is it the Right Time to Buy Real Estate?

Prudent Plastic Surgeon

In this post, Jordan Frey gives physicians (and others) his top 11 ways that you should invest your money. I completely agree with his #1 option, which is an investment in yourself. Whether it’s via a real estate investing course or physician coaching, money spent on your own development is almost always money well spent. For more options, check out the post below!

Read the original post on the Prudent Plastic Surgeon blog: Top 11 Ways That Doctors Should Invest Their Money

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