PhREI Network Roundup | 12-10-2021

by The Darwinian Doctor

In today’s roundup, Ian explains the DSCR loan, I give an update on our real estate and gross rental income, and Jordan reviews the 1 year return from his first duplex.

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Carpe Diem MD

What do you do if you take on so much mortgage debt that banks won’t approve you for more debt? Well if you’re okay with the risk, you could take on a DSCR loan. The “debt service coverage ratio” loan uses the projected income of the rental property to extend a loan, as opposed to the “lendability” of the borrower. Does this sound a little risky?

Ian explains it all on Carpe Diem MD: What is a DSCR loan? And Why should you care?

The Darwinian Doctor

Our featured post this week was an edition of Anno Darwinii. This is our report on the growth of the real estate portfolio. This post has an update on our gross revenue over the last year. It also has some great before and after photos of our apartment buildings in Indianapolis, and an update on our Palm Springs vacation rental.

Read the update on The Darwinian Doctor: $127,000 of Gross Revenue | Anno Darwinii 2.5

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

It’s been a year since Jordan bought his first rental property, a duplex in upstate New York. In this great analysis, he analyses how this one property has performed in just 12 months. In short, it’s performed amazingly! The property’s income was almost $14,000, it’s appreciated a ton, and also will give them about $25,000 of tax savings!

Read all the details on the Prudent Plastic Surgeon: One Year Real Estate Review of Investment Property #1

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