PhREI Network Roundup | 10-1-2021

Today’s PhREI Network roundup has superheroes, lessons in patience, and the argument that medical education is bad for physician finances. Enjoy!

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Carpe Diem MD

In this post, Ian Cook writes about the secret identities of physician finance bloggers. In fact, he compares us in a complimentary manner to superheroes and rappers. I got a kick seeing my name up there next to Eminem and Superman, that’s for sure!

I blogged anonymously for almost two and a half years before I gained the courage to toss away the veil of anonymity. Anyone who’s been anonymous at some point will get a kick out of this post.

Read the post on Carpe Diem MD: What do Rappers, Superheroes and Physician Financial Bloggers have in COMMON?

The Darwinian Doctor

This last week, I published an update on my real estate empire in Anno Darwinii 2.25. The last 3 months took a good dose of patience, as it mostly involved renovations on my existing portfolio. I outlined these renovations, including pictures, in this latest update. Read to the end for some renderings of the backyard renovation planned for the Palm Springs house!

Read the post here: Patience is a Virtue in Real Estate Investing [Anno Darwinii 2.25]

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

In this post, Jordan Frey writes about the path to becoming a physician and the way this affects our career and finances. I agree with his main argument that a physician education does a really poor job in instructing us about the basics of money management and investing. Given the loads of debt that most trainees gain from medical school, this is a true travesty.

Read the post on The Prudent Plastic Surgeon: 3 Ways That the Path to Doctorhood Hurts Our Career and Finances

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