You have amazing potential

Humans have amazing potential, and so do you.  

The potential of youth

It’s been such a trip to watch my 5 year old son absorb knowledge as he grows into a talkative, inquisitive little boy. Every once in a while, I’m struck with the weighty responsibility to make sure we give him the tools necessary to reach his potential. 

A recent manifestation of this feeling has been some hand-wringing over the quality of his school.  The Dr-ess and I decided to send him to private school when we moved to our current house. (The local public elementary school ranks in the 10th percentile in most measurements.)

The cost of private school for him is one of our biggest expenses.  It’s a cost we’re mostly at peace with, but we’ve been wondering lately if it’s actually worth the $25,000 a year.  Could we get more bang for our buck elsewhere?

As we explore other schooling options, I find myself in the absurd position of writing essays to support my 5 year old’s application to the first grade.  

It’s comical, but it has made me reflect a lot on many things that are great for the blog.  One of these things is human potential.  

Using his potential to make… mud lemonade?

The potential of mankind

One example of human potential came during our long weekend up to Seattle earlier this year.  We went exploring one rainy morning and ventured out to the Ballard Locks.  “Locks” are used to lower ships up or down to different water levels in rivers or canals, and are just amazing examples of human engineering.  It’s done without pumping any water — just strategic opening and closing of valves.

The Darwinian family watched as a large group of boats were lowered down from one part of the river to the next, and it was just fascinating. Here are some time lapse photos.  

Off they go!

Just amazing.  

Despite all the negative, depressing news in the media, humans have accomplished amazing things, and continue to do so.  

The potential of You

And this brings me back to you.  It is easy to become numb to the parts of your life that are not ideal, be it related to your job, family, or financial situation.  No one is free from this. Any person, given just a few moments, could probably rattle off a half dozen things that they’d change for the better.  

I’m here to say that you owe it to yourself to take action and start making those changes.  

Maybe you’re using symbiotic goals to change little things about your daily routine.  Or maybe you’re mapping the next 15 years of your financial life on the way to financial independence.

Whatever you decide to work on, don’t feel like you need to settle.  Take the time to think about what needs to change, and use this to generate goals for yourself or your family.  

That unlimited potential you had in your youth hasn’t gone away.  Perhaps it’s just been idling for a while. Time to tap it once again.   

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

Bill Gates

Humans have accomplished amazing things. We can move ships up and down waterways, fly to the moon, and tweet from space.

You’re a part of this amazing tribe of humans, and you have unlimited potential.  Don’t squander it. It might take time to truly change your life, but with consistent effort, you absolutely can do it.

Come on! Evolve with me and take control of your life.


How are you going to reach your potential? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 years ago

It does raise a chuckle about needing an essay to apply for first grade. Things were much simpler when I was a kid.

I too have put my daughter in private school as there is a really nice one relatively nearby and the local public schools are not as high powered since we live out in the rural areas.

Hope everyone lives up to their potential for the upcoming new year. Have a great new year 🙂

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