PhREI Network Roundup | 12-24-21

In this early holiday roundup, Ian discusses how deposits can protect your short term rental, I show how renting vacant units will increase my 2022 cash flow, and Jordan argues that money can buy happiness!

Carpe Diem MD

In this post, Ian compares two methods for protecting your short term rental from damage from guests: insurance and deposits. He goes through some advantages and disadvantages of each option, but it seems like he favors the deposit option. Which do you prefer?

Read the original post on Carpe Diem MD: Insurance vs Deposit for your Short-Term Rental Property (VRBO)

The Darwinian Doctor

In my weekly update on my real estate empire, I wrote about some successes on the property management side. We’ve rented out about half of the available units in the Indy apartment buildings. This should swing our cash flow positive in 2022 from these buildings to the tune of $64,836!

Read the original post on The Darwinian Doctor: Cash flow for the holidays | Building the Empire

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

In this holiday themed post from Jordan Frey, he asserts that money really can buy happiness! He explains how in his own life, becoming financially literate has made the holidays a joyful time, instead of the stressful time that it used to be. He concludes by acknowledging that money is necessary, but not sufficient for happiness. I couldn’t agree more.

Read the original post on The Prudent Plastic Surgeon: Personal Finance and the Holidays: Money Can Buy Happiness!

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