How Many Rentals to Retire? | PPhREI Network Roundup | 4-21-23

In this PPhREI Network Roundup, we hear about the DSCR loan, a FIRE icon who’s headed back to work, and learn how many rentals you need to retire.

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Carpe Diem MD

In this post, we hear about the DSCR loan, which is a debt service coverage ratio loan. This unique loan can be used to refinance a rental home, just like a traditional mortgage.

Its most interesting feature is that the amount of money that can be lent out against a home is not dependent on your finances, like a traditional mortgage. Instead, a DSCR loan depends on the income generation potential for your rental property.

In our most recent PPhREI Mastermind meeting, I interviewed an investor who has built up a 75 unit portfolio using nothing but DSCR loans!

Dr. Cook goes into this concept in the post: What is a DSCR loan? And Why should you care?

The Darwinian Doctor

This week, I shared my reflections on the news that Sam Dogen, The Financial Samurai, is retiring… from retirement. He built up a net worth of $3 million before he retired a decade ago. But he’s run the numbers, and doesn’t think he’ll be able to pay for the college expenses for his two young children with his current assets. So he’s coming back from retirement to seek employment once again.

It’s an interesting story, especially for fans of the FIRE movement.

Take a look at the post here: A FIRE Icon Goes Back to Work

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

How many rental homes does it take to retire? Dr. Frey seeks to answer that question in his post. In it we get an inside look into his finances and his average returns from his rental properties. Spoiler: he makes an impressive amount of cash flow from each unit. In just a couple of years, he’s already made significant headway towards financial freedom.

Read his analysis here: How Many Rental Properties Do You Need to Retire?

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