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by The Darwinian Doctor

This is about our real estate investment company called Cereus Real Estate, created to bring investment opportunities to all doctors and professionals!

For the past few months, I’ve been hinting at a secret project in the works, one that will allow for new investments and collaboration.  It’s time to throw back the curtain and reveal the surprise.

The big surprise is Cereus Real Estate.

What is Cereus Real Estate?

Cereus Real Estate is a real estate investment company co-founded by me (Daniel Shin) and my good friend and colleague Jordan Frey.  Jordan might be better known as his blogging name:  the Prudent Plastic Surgeon.  We are both physician real estate investors and formed Cereus Real Estate to bring real estate investment opportunities to you!

Why did we create Cereus Real Estate?

Jordan and I are big believers in the power of real estate investing and we share a similar history.  We both graduated from our medical training with hundreds of thousands in student debt and turned to real estate as one of our primary forms of investment. 

We saw the potential of real estate to accelerate our journeys to financial independence.

Separately, we purchased, renovated, and rented out multifamily properties.  Along the way, we also saw the power of real estate to provide cash flow, appreciation, and tax savings.  About a year ago, I chose to go part time with my medical career and devote the majority of my time to real estate. This gave me time to complete a formal multifamily syndication mentorship program via the educational arm of the Blackhawk Equity group, led by Michael Blank.

Jordan still happily practices plastic surgery full time.

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We created Cereus Real Estate to bring these benefits to all doctors and professionals! 

What can you expect from Cereus Real Estate? 

We genuinely believe in the power of real estate to create a true win-win.   

Neighborhoods benefit from the improvement of degraded properties.  Tenants benefit from well-maintained, fairly priced housing.  And investors benefit from a time-tested, stable income stream and generational wealth.   

At Cereus Real Estate, we will take care of the identification, acquisition, management, and optimization of the real estate asset. This means our investors enjoy a genuinely passive income stream.  

Through syndication, we will pool resources with like-minded investors to acquire multifamily properties, allowing you to reap the benefits and economies of scale of apartment buildings without the day-to-day hassle of management.

And we use our strict investment criteria to filter and source ideal properties in the multifamily market. These properties will be presented to you with information that will allow you to carefully evaluate the opportunity in line with your investment parameters and goals.  Although every investment involves risk, we expect these investments to grow in value and provide cash flow going forwards.

Along the way, you can also expect direct access to us via webinars, calls, and other educational initiatives! 

Why did we call it Cereus Real Estate? 

The cereus plant is a type of columnar cactus from South America with a handful of types found throughout the Southwest. We loved the similarities between the cereus cactus and our evergreen goals and strategies for our newly-forming real estate group! 

The name also accurately communicates that we are “cereus” about real estate investing!  We believe in its power to accelerate your journey to financial independence.

Lastly, why now? 

Well, quite simply, because the time is right.  

We truly believe that real estate is an amazing wealth-building and accelerating tool for physicians. But we also strongly believe that it has to be done based on the tenets of: 

  • Passion 
  • Ethics 
  • Integrity 
  • Mutual benefit 
  • Meticulous analysis 
  • Patience 

We have seen how these principles have paid off in our own investing and want to help the many doctors who come to us asking to invest with us.  

Until now, we did not have a mechanism to do so. However, with Cereus Real Estate, we finally do!  Together, we will be able to use our collective financial might to access institutional quality investment opportunities!

Where can you learn more? 

The best way to learn more is to join our Cereus mailing list here: 

This will allow you to stay in the loop with all Cereus related announcements. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to schedule an intake video call with me or Jordan so we can hear about your investment goals!

Have questions?  Feel free to email us with any technical issues: [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about my current real estate portfolio, philosophy, or experience, check out these additional resources: 

Talk to you soon!

— The Darwinian Doctor

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Abdul Taiab Akon
Abdul Taiab Akon
4 months ago

Though real estate investment is south Asia is not exactly the same, they way you put it sounds like a good prospect.

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