PhREI Network Roundup | 8-13-2021

by The Darwinian Doctor

In this PhREI Network roundup, we hear about conflict of interest, low appraisals, and how to overcome investing fear.

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Carpe Diem MD

This week, Ian Cook published a great post that highlights a unique quality of his short term rental course. He astutely pointed out that in the real estate world, referrals are common and very incentivized. While physicians would think it unethical to get a kickback by referring a patient to another physician, this is quite normal in the world of real estate.

Ian and Lauren don’t currently have referral fee relationships with the agents in their course, which should give their students confidence in their unbiased recommendations.

They also discuss their plan to continue practicing as physicians, no matter how much success they have in the world of business and real estate.

I love this plan, as I think it reveals the balance that they’ve already been able to find between work, life, and business. It’s a balance that I often feel is just out of my grasp for now.

Read the original post: We are Physicians Not Real Estate Agents

The Darwinian Doctor

My blog post this week was an educational post about how to contest a low home appraisal. I told the story of Indy Duplex #3, which required no less than 3 appraisals before I successfully completed my cash-out refinance.

I share a definitive guide on how to contest an appraisal, using specific examples and screenshots

Read the original post: 5 Simple Steps to Contest a Low Home Appraisal [My Success Story]

Prudent Plastic Surgeon

Jordan Frey discusses the hurdles you might face before getting to the goal of investing your money. He talks about common risks that investors fear, and how to mitigate these fears.

Bottom line: don’t sit on your cash because you’re afraid to invest!

Read the original post: Help! I’m a High Income Earner But Scared to Invest

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