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Doc2Doc Lending: A Solution for Physicians and Dentists

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Introducing Doc2Doc Lending, an innovative lending platform specially tailored for the financial needs of physicians and dentists.

Doc2Doc Lending: A Solution for Physicians and Dentists. TheDarwinianDoctor.com

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As a physician blogger and real estate investor, I seek to bring good resources to my readers.  I’m thrilled to officially introduce our new affiliate partner, Doc2Doc Lending!


Doc2Doc Lending is a lendtech company revolutionizing the lending options for residents and medical students. This enterprise is redefining the traditional norms of lending money, especially in the medical space.

Unlike traditional lenders, Doc2Doc offers personal loans through a unique lending platform specifically designed for medical students, dentists, and physicians at various stages of their careers. From those just entering residency training to seasoned practitioners aiming to establish their practice, Doc2Doc has a solution for every financial circumstance.

My experience

As a medical student, I lived off of my student loans with little to no financial support from my parents.  Like my fellow classmates, I had insufficient credit and would have been a horrible lending risk.  So when I was in my fourth year of medical school, I faced the prospect of having to spend thousands of dollars applying to residency programs and flying around for interviews.  Out of desperation, I went to my parents and borrowed money from them, despite knowing that they didn’t have much to spare.  

​I tried to concentrate my interviews into just a handful of geographic areas so I could efficiently take care of my interviews with the minimum number of flights, but the dates didn’t always conveniently line up.  

If I didn’t have parents to lend me the money, I literally would have had to choose between food and residency interviews.  This same type of problem occurs for fellowship interviews, though at least residents do have a modest salary. 

If Doc2Doc Lending had existed back then, I would have had a solution to smooth over my financial needs during this stressful time!

The problem, explained

Doctors and dentists are a good long term financial bet.  But early in our careers, medical professionals look horrible on paper.  

As medical students, we take on hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, only to make less than minimum wage as residents.  This goes on for years until we graduate from training.  

Even as young attending physicians or dentists, most of us will have a negative net worth for years until the balance finally starts shifting in our mid to late 30s.  

Most lenders base the risk of lending money on the financial past of their clients.  But in a number of critical times throughout their training and early careers, medical professionals still have too much debt to get the best rates from banks.  I don’t recall my credit score back when I was applying to residency, but I’m sure it would have been quite poor. I was literally hundreds of thousands of dollars negative in terms of my net worth.

While doctor loans do exist in the mortgage industry to purchase homes, there are less options for other expenses like buying equipment for a dental practice or relocating across the country to take a new attending job.  

Enter Dr. Marshall

The co-founder of Doc2Doc, Dr. Zwade Marshall, is an anesthesiologist who recognized these unique financial challenges faced by doctors and dentists. As a doctor himself, he was able to see beyond the challenges of medical professionals’ financial past and instead focus on the promise of their financial future.

Dr. Marshall’s vision led to the creation of a lending platform that offers personal loan products with competitive interest rates, which are often lower than those of credit unions and other traditional lenders. This innovative approach gives individuals with less-than-perfect credit scores the chance to secure a loan, thereby providing easier access to financial services.

Doc2Doc Lending 

Doc2Doc Lending uses only a soft credit pull and a fast application process to provide their loans.  Amazingly, there’s no prepayment penalty if you want to pay off the loan early!

These are the types of loans that they currently provide:

  • In-practice personal loans
  • In-training personal loans
  • Bridge loans:  transitioning from in-training to in-practice
  • J-1 Visa personal loans
  • Business line of credit

While you have to be accepted to a residency program, Doc2Doc will even lend to 4th year medical students! This can serve as a major financial life saver in a time of big expenses.

The brilliance of Doc2Doc Lending lies in their unique risk assessment methodology. While most lenders heavily rely on FICO scores, Doc2Doc understands that this does not paint the whole picture, especially for medical professionals who might have taken on large debts for their education. They recognize the value of medical professionals’ entire careers, not just their current credit score.


In conclusion, we are excited about this affiliation with Doc2Doc Lending. Their groundbreaking approach to lending is something that is sorely needed in the medical community.  This partnership reflects our commitment to offer you access to truly helpful resources that can help you further your professional goals. 

Please click below to check out their lending programs and rates!

Check out Doc2Doc lending today!

— The Darwinian Doctor

Do you think you’d ever utilize a service like Doc2Doc Lending? Let me know in the comments below!

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