Update on the Jelly Fig cuttings: They’re alive!

by The Darwinian Doctor

A few months ago, I took two cuttings from the mysterious “Jelly Fig” tree, in an attempt to propagate this tree which routinely produces the most delicious, sweet, strawberry jam flavored figs that we’ve ever tasted.  I previously outlined my technique in a pretty detailed post here, along with all the materials I used as well. 

I wanted to submit an update to this attempt.  Various sources estimated the chance of successful growth to be about 50% or less, so I took two with the hopes that at least one would start sprouting leaves and roots.

Now a few months down the road, I’m happy to report that the cuttings have both survived and flourished!

Here is how they looked prior to incubation:

And here they are after being planted into their mini greenhouses:

After approximately a month of patient watering and waiting, I noticed buds!

And after a few more weeks, bona fide leaves started to sprout!

When the leaves grew to a robust size and started overflowing from the confines of the small plastic containers, I transplanted them into large terracotta pots with partial shade.  Within another few weeks, the cuttings were really off and running.





I can’t say when these might get to a point when they’ll produce fruit, but I anticipate it’ll be at least a couple of years.  

Hopefully with continued care, they’ll produce the same delicious fruit as their parent tree!


I’ll post occasional updates on the growth of these cuttings so you can follow along with me!


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