The Physician Real Estate Investor Network

The PhREI Network logo.  The Physician Real Estate Investor Network.

The PhREI Network is The Physician Real Estate Investor Network.  (PhREI is pronounced “free.”)

The members of this network are physician bloggers who use real estate as a primary investment vehicle.

The purpose of the PhREI network

  • To facilitate collaboration and the sharing of educational content.
  • To create a portal for readers to find content related to real estate investing.
  • To increase the sense of community amongst physician real estate oriented bloggers.

Read the post introducing the network, and see below for more posts sharing content from our member blogs.

Do you want to chat with PhREI Network bloggers? You can join our Facebook group by clicking the link below:

PhREI Network Roundups

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

Carpe Diem MD

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