Real Estate Investing Courses

At the Darwinian Doctor, I recommend only a few real estate investing courses that I trust. Here they are!

Short Term Rental Courses

The Carpe Diem MD STR Course

Ian Cook, MD is a PPhREI Network partner and runs the blog Carpe Diem MD. He’s an ER physician and wound care specialist who loves short term rentals. I really enjoyed the Carpe Diem MD short term rental course.  It was stuffed full of actionable, high yield advice about how to acquire, set up, and rent out a short term rental on Airbnb and VRBO. 

Read my full review of the course here

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(The Carpe Diem MD STR course is open for registration through the remainder of 2022!)

The Semi-Retired MD Accelerating Wealth: Short Term Rental Blueprint

Kenji Asakura, MD and Leticia Alto, MD are hospitalists by training and together run the Semi-Retired MD brand. They’re financially independent physicians, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs now. Their company has become a powerhouse of resources to help physicians and professionals successfully turn themselves into real estate investors as well. While the flagship course remains their long term real estate course (see below), they also have a short term rental course if you like that asset class.

Click here to access the sign-up page for Accelerating Wealth

(This course will next be open in March 2023)

Long Term Rental Courses

Semi-Retired MD: Zero to Freedom Through Cash Flowing Rentals

Kenji and Leti’s flagship real estate investing course is the one I took to really accelerate my investing in 2019. It gave me the tools I needed to effectively analyze, purchase, and run my growing real estate empire (all while working full time as a physician).

Read my full review of the course here

Click here to access the sign-up page for Zero to Freedom

(This course will open again in early 2023. Sign up via my link for bonus coaching from me!)

Passive Real Estate Courses

Passive Income MD: Passive Real Estate Academy

Peter Kim, MD is an anesthesiologist turned blogger and real estate extraordinaire. He runs the brand Passive Income MD. He has a lot of experience in the world of real estate syndication, and started the Passive Real Estate Academy (PREA) course. PREA teaches others how to effectively evaluate real estate syndications in order to make the best investment possible with your hard earned capital!

I spoke at the Passive Income MD conference in 2022 and consider Peter Kim a friend and mentor.

Click here to access the sign-up page for PREA

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